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Which countries offer citizenship by investment

Posted by Yoyo Xin on Nov 30, 2018, 11:36:17 AM

Citizenship by Investment programmes provide the chance to gain citizenship through investing in the economy of the host countries. Let’s take a look the various citizenship by investment programs offered.



Malta Individual Investor Programme

Malta's citizenship by investment programme, the Malta Individual Investor Programme was introduced in 2014 which requires minimum €880,000 investment. It is considered one of the most coveted citizenship programs because of its high ROI.

Applicants are required to purchase a property worth more than €350,000 or rent a property with rent of at least €16,000 per year for a total of five years.  They are also required to make an investment of at least €150,000 in government-approved investments over five years. Finally, they are required to contribute €650,000 to the National Development and Social Fund of the Government of Malta.

Investors can gain citizenship after one year of legal residence in Malta with a minimum physical presence of only 12-15 days.

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Cyprus citizenship

Cyprus is a small, yet extremely important country nestled right in the heart of the European Union. A favourable tax system and robust economy means there is always an abundance of investment opportunities available to suit all kinds of investor needs.

Cyprus citizenship by investment programme requires investment of at least €2,000,000 in real estate / infrastructure projects; or in Cypriot commercial financial products; or in a Cyprus business/company; or a combination of these three kinds of investment.

Once the investors gain citizenship, they are free to travel, live, work, study and do business in any EU member state as well as in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland. The citizenship is also available to the spouse of the investor and their dependent(s) at the end of the investment.

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Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

Antigua and Barbuda's Citizenship-by-Investment programme prides itself in being one of the most honest and responsible programmes for its work with reputable organisations like Interpol. Investors may choose from two options to qualify for the program.

The investor can make a non-refundable donation of $100,000 into the National Development Fund (NDF) or an approved charity. This contribution covers the applicant, spouse and two dependents, although processing fees of $25,000 are also payable, along with due diligence fees. The investor can also invest $400,000 in an approved real estate project with additional processing fees of $50,000 for families applications with a total of four persons. Or investing $1,500,000 into a business as a sole investor (or as a joint venture involving at least two people, provided the total value of the investment is at least $5,000,000. Each person in the joint venture must invest at least $400,000). Processing fees of $50,000 are payable for a family of up to four.

Investor can include dependent children under 26 and dependent parents or grandparents over 58. The passport will be valid for a period of 5 years and will be considered for renewal subject to the recipient having spent a total of 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda since gaining citizenship within the 5 years period.

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Dominica citizenship

The Dominican Citizenship-by-Investment programme (CIP) was established in 1993 and has since invited individuals and families from all corners of the world to invest in the country with the promise of citizenship in return. 

There are two investment options for this programme; one requires a contribution towards the economic development of Dominica, one requires an investment in an approved real estate project

For contribution option, a non-refundable contribution to the national development fund is payable, which varies depending on the number of accompanying dependants, $100,000 for single application and from $175,000 for family application. For real estate Investment option, applicants can invest $200,000 in a government-approved real estate project. There are several real estate projects approved by the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Unit (CBIU) to choose from.

Applying for the Dominican Citizenship by Investment Programme is a straightforward process. Applicants can be accompanied by their dependent family members and there is no residency requirement for citizens.

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Grenada citizenship

The Grenada Citizenship by Investment Program offers investors an opportunity to acquire a second citizenship with minimum hassle. There are no residency requirements, dual citizenship is recognised, and Grenada is the only country to offer visa-free access to China and Russia, as well as the opportunity to apply for an American E-2 visa.

An investor can make an investment of $350,000 in real estate and the real estate must be held for at least three years. Or, the investor can make a non-refundable contribution of $200,000 to the Grenada National Transformation Fund which includes the main applicant with a spouse and two dependents.

Spouses, dependents under the age of 25 and dependent parents over the age of 65 can accompany the investor on the application. There are no physical residency requirements for Grenada CBI program.

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Saint Lucia

St. Lucia citizenship

Saint Lucia’s Citizenship by Investment Programme is straightforward and fast, and there are no residency requirementsDual citizenships are allowed, and spouses, dependents under the age of 25 and dependent parents over the age of 65 may accompany the investor on the application.

There are multiple options for investment: 1. The investor can make a non-refundable donation to the St. Lucia National Economic Fund (NEF). The amount varies depending on the number of accompanying dependents, but starts at $100,000 for a single applicant. 2. The investor may purchase approved property of at least $300,000 in value and hold it for five years. 3. The applicant may invest in a government bond for a period of five years. The amount required depends on the number of accompanying dependents, but starts at $500,000. 4. The applicant may invest a minimum of $3.5 million in an approved investment project. Joint ventures of 2 or more people are also permitted, provided the total investment amount is at least $6 million with each applicant contributing no less than $1 million.

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St Kitts & Nevis

shutterstock_548428291 (3)

Under the Citizenship Act, investors can acquire citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis by making a qualifying investment. Applicants do not need to renounce their previous citizenship, and dependent family members may accompany the applicant and citizenship can be passed on hereditarily. All of which makes these beautiful islands an ideal second citizenship solution.

Investor may obtain the passport through 2 type of investment methods. The investor can make a non-refundable donation into the Sugar Industry Diversification Fund (SIDF). Application fee depends on the number of dependents start from $250,000 for a single applicant. Alternatively,  the investor can invest $400,000 in an approved real estate project, and the property must be held for at least five years.

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There are many other countries such as United Kingdom, Ireland, Croatia, and Netherlands offering migration options through investment programmes.  While they may not allow an applicant to gain citizenship straight away, they will ultimately lead to citizenship through residence by investment programmes.  An Investor’s decision on the suitable country and option for migration will be based on their own situations in terms of finance, age, business, family etc. With unique migration laws, regulations and policies for each country, seek professional advice in making this life-changing decision to ensure the future for you and generations to come. 


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